Project: Process Automation Workshop (IBM)
Role: Facilitator

After an annual IBM product summit in NYC, our Design Researcher (Zach Nilsson) and I led an inclusive client workshop, to better understand and identify potential processes that could be automated using our Sales Performance Management workflow tool.

These attendees, represented by eight industries, collectively helped us identify near term and future workflow automation focus areas.

Understanding Now, Near, Future

Ahead of the workshop, we asked our customers to identify processes they are currently automating, would like to automate, and want to automate in the distant future. This helped us accelerate the conversation, and identify logical cluters that influence our next steps.

Prioritizing Need

After finding logical cluters, the team voted on three processes. 

The Design Thinking activities used during this workshop enabled this group of participants to practice radical collaboration, and put the user at the center focus of every discussion.

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